So. First chapter of Khan thing was 9000ish. A bit over.

Second chapter is coming up on 9000 very quickly. Just a tad under at the moment, and not done.

And I haven't packed John off to Afghanistan yet. My solution for the death of Singh and, eventually, Sherlock and Co. flying away from Earth in suspended animation will take some work. I'm wondering if I'm looking at yet a third 9000 word chapter BEFORE I try to decide if I'm going to do a Sherlock POV for the events of BC: IS?

It's good to be writing again. But on the other hand, I'm being so good and sitting on the whole thing and it's taking FOREVER.

Stupid Brain.

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BBCOne Original Dramas Trailer

BBCOne put out an original dramas trailer (link goes to youtube) this morning.

It has the TINIEST bit of Sherlock in it. Tumblr EXPLODED. Dear Lord, the poor deprived Sherlockians.

On the other hand, the tiny bit they did give, was absolute gold. If they don't want us to think John and Sherlock are a couple, then they need to find some other way for Sherlock to express his feelings of friendship for John, because JHC. I don't ship my ships as part of the show. Slash (and het ships) belong in fanfic, and I kind of get annoyed when people project them onto the actual scripts. But dear LORD...

Just. Considering how aware they are on that show of the relationship since the very beginning. If nothing else, some writer is trolling MF and BC. :D Like, she rubbed her hands together over the keyboard and went "Ehehehehe" before she started typing...

Uisgich: Okay, so I'm a little confused that a bad thing?
CK: :D No.
CK:Mostly thinking about BC's interview after Top Gear.
CK:And some great comments I saw about his feelings about fandom's tendency to turn all deep, meaningful relationships into sex.
CK:(There were other great comments about how actors should not get caught up in fandom, but that was different.)
CK: Anyway, someone said, look, these actors work really hard together, as a team, to create this on screen relationship. They put a lot of work into it. So it is understandable that they might get annoyed when people view it through the lens of a sexual relationship.
Which is why I see the writer with her evil laugh...
CK: I totally see how that could get to you, as a performer. On the other hand, I tend to agree with the other person who said, look, fandom is for fans, and people who aren't part of it should just ignore it - including people like EVERY TALK SHOW HOST THAT TRIES TO EMBARRASS ACTORS WITH FAN ART. I'm looking in your direction, Graham Norton. I mean, it's great when actors are into it, like the Supernatural cast, but that doesn't mean that every person involved in a show is going to want or need to be part of fandom.
Uisgich: That's true. And I agree that GN should keep his nose out of fandom. But is has to go the other way. SPN is really fandom friendly, but there are an increasing number of incidents where Dean/Cas fans bring that relationship up at cons. Jensen refuses to engage, where as Misha seems to encourage it. Very muddy waters!!
I like the image of the Sherlock writer gleefully rubbing her hands and cackling, though :)
CK: She's like, "I'll make BENEDICT say it! BWAHAHAHA!"
Uisgich: =snickers=
CK: Did you see what Simon Pegg did? Via Twitter? With The World's End wrap gift to MF? THAT was funny. Simon Pegg is a very bad man.
Uisgich: Nooooo ...
Uisgich: Yes, he's a very bad man!!
CK: I think AA eats it up. She probably ships it. Sherlock and John, Martin and Simon. :D

I was just thinking, though. I suppose I'm going to have to find way to stream Sherlock in real time, because I will want to cackle at tumblr's antics, and I don't want to be spoiled. Gah. I was planning to just be cool about it, and I haven't really cared about seeing a show in real time in AGES. Suddenly, I have so much empathy for British consumers of American shows!

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Keep writing!

I have been pushing myself to get all my stuff moved to AO3. I got down to the S's in my index at one point, and I hadn't done any LOTR or other stuff, just the Stargate stories, though since I got the AO3 account, I have kept it current with all my new stuff. Anyway, adding things to AO3 has resulted in a small flurry of kind comments, and I have been tickled pink at the tagline people like best. "Keep writing!" *pinches their adorable cheeks*

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Writing again

I finished the first big chunk of the Khan thing, then hated it, then stopped for a month. Finally got restarted this week on the second section, when I figured out that the best way to deal with the thing I couldn't get past was just not to write that. Bam. Out of there! Moving on.

This week I really got rolling. I have looked up hand anatomy, made John braid a little girl's hair, researched British infantry rifles (also uniforms) and NATO ammunition, and when John found out Sherlock had been shot four times, he kicked out their dinner guests and ripped off his (Sherlock's!) clothes.

My Brain. Let me show you it.

ETA: Rereading what I wrote yesterday. Sherlock just tells John about getting shot. I like not showing Sherlock's training to the reader, just letting the augmented humans reappear suddenly after a long absence. But in my head there's interesting stuff going on when Singh starts shooting people, and I'd like to have that in the story. I had an alternate POV in the previous section, provided by an OC, another augmented human who would have been part of the training. I could use her again and it would fit.

Maybe write it and decide where I want to put it. Maybe I could put it out of chronological order somewhere.

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Adventures on Tumblr

Rambled a bit about Tumblr over on Muck-a-Luck:

Nearly 10k of Sherlock/Trek crossover has gone to it's first victim. That will probably be part one of three pieces. I feel like I'm back in 2003, when I would finish a chapter of Arena and think it sucked. Then I'd go back and read a few days later and say, Brain, it's not THAT bad. I haven't been able to re-read this one again yet, and I'm dreading it. But hoping the end result will be the same.

Anyway. Hoping this weekend to get Brain moving on the second piece. And Uisgich found me an excellent link to what I would need to do the third piece - not quite a transcript, but certainly enough detail about the movie to do my remix, as it were.

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Like unexpectedly seeing the odometer turn over at a milestone

I paused for thought and was staring vacantly into space thinking when my eyes landed on the 8000 this morning.

Also, I realized I was at the logical ending of a Part 1 or Chapter 1 or whatever. So I test posted it. I'll read it from the screen and see what I think.

I did smooth over the biggest problem with this first part this morning. It had been bugging me since I wrote it. It clunked and didn't have a good context. I think all fixed now. I'll see how it feels when I read it.

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Into darkness and also please send a driver

CK: Meanwhile, this morning I was writing from the POV of my original character - I am avoiding Sherlock's POV for the moment, so I need someone else who can be around Sherlock when John is not.
CK: The POV character is the psychic. This morning I was writing about the procedure, and the psychic woman was freaking out, and so was Sherlock, and at the very end he was trying to help her calm down, and I totally accidentally wrote this: "They would be better. Better than Singh. She reached out to the fading consciousness of Sherlock Holmes then drifted into darkness."
[personal profile] zats_clear: oh wow
CK: I facepalmed so hard when I realized it I nearly broke my glasses.
[personal profile] zats_clear: ahahhahahahaha
[personal profile] zats_clear: roflmao!
[personal profile] zats_clear: subconscious
CK: Well, she didn't follow him into shower, so...
CK: :D
CK: Which, now that I think about it, was actually possible with what I wrote this morning. THAT is makign me laugh out loud right now.
CK: Because when they come to take Sherlock away, he's trying to make John laugh, so he refuses to put on any clothes and swans off in a sheet. And the doctor is really mad at him because he shows up all...
CK: post-coital...
[personal profile] zats_clear: *cries*
CK: as it were, having not showered, and the doctor's all like TAKE A SHOWER DAMMIT!
[personal profile] zats_clear: your subconscious is a dangerous place
CK: I guess so.
CK: Also, yesterday, I was thinking about fic on the way home and forgot how to park my car.
CK: Luckily, no bad result except Husband swore because SUDDEN STOP.
CK: Oops.

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