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This is my index of LOTR RPS.

This is where I started, for better or worse.

Brief recap of the most important things from my main ego page follows.

YES. It is Real Person Slash. I know this creates issues for some people. Please review the disclaimer. If this isn't for you, please don't click the links.

Disclaimer: Slash is fiction. So while we may all be demented, slash is basically the author's own porno script, populated by the individuals she feels would be ideal to fill the various roles if she ruled the universe if she were ever fortunate enough have the opportunity to bring her vision to the screen. *snortle*

Archive rights: Only as specified on a story by story basis. Otherwise, my journals only. muck_a_luck and brainofck

Content Warnings and Age Restrictions
Regarding the explicit sexual content of many of these stories, personally, I don't believe in censoring the written word. If you can read and understand and be interested, then I don't mind if you read here.

However, I am also a parent. I know how parents are. If you think your parents would tell you not to read this material, please respect your parents' rules and wishes. There's nothing in this journal good enough to make your parents mad about. Hopefully it'll all still be here when you turn eighteen when your parents stop paying your bills. :p

Arena - AU - that gladiator thing. PG to NC-17. Violence. Non-Con/Rape. Minor character death. Primarily SB/VM, with other pairings in later chapters. Currently over 20 parts complete. WIP

At Sea - The Dark Muse sets her sights on Elijah, Dom, and Billy. EW/BB/DM. NC-17. Non-Con. Violence (though not in the sex). Just getting rolling on this. Sorry. The link's still dead! :p

Encounters with the Dark Muse - Where is Sean? And what is Viggo doing here? SB/VM. NC-17. Non-Con. Violence (though not in the sex). This is a WIP, but resting in a good spot.

Double Lotus - That yoga thing. PG to NC-17. Currently not WIP, though could be resurrected... Sorta complete.

The Sharpe/Aragorn Project - PG-13 to NC-17. My absolutely favorite crossover ever, ever, ever. (Though Viggo/Trevalyan or however you spell it is really hot, too.) There are interesting pieces of this. Not sure where it's going exactly. And those of you reading Arena will see distinct parallels. There's a lovely honey and yogurt thing that's not finished. Definitely hope to turn this into something more readable some day. Just not this day.

Throw Away - SB/EW, SB/VM (thus far)PG-13 to NC-17. This started out as a "throw away" piece - a fairly standard, two guys fall into bed together PWP set during filming. It takes place after a party for pity's sake. However, it's a blast to write and people seem to like it, so it is now a WIP, tentatively set up to play with the cliches.

Birthday Stories - NC-17. Inspired by the birthdays and personalities of dear friends. Victims chosen randomly by my brain. :)

Miscellaneous LOTR RPS Short Pieces - Various pairings. Various ratings.
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