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About My Brain

This journal contains slash fiction, rated from G through NC-17. Mostly LOTR RPS, but also some LOTR and crossover FPS. UPDATE: Also, now includes Stargate. Dammit. UPDATE: At which point I feel the need to remind myself that AT LEAST there is not yet any FOOTIE!slash (a la footballslash. Look. I am holding at least one line...) UPDATE: Dammitdammitdammit. I review my description of my journal and find that I am clearly a Stargate writer now, not LOTR RPS. This makes me sad and somewhat resentful, but that's the truth. And Jack and Daniel are SO pretty together. *sigh*

Please do not hesitate to friend this journal! :) I'll friend you back as soon as I check in, which I do every couple of days. And feedback is very welcome.

Content Warnings and Age Restrictions
Regarding the explicit sexual content of many of these stories, personally, I don't believe in censoring the written word. If you can read and understand and be interested, then I don't mind if you read here.

However, I am also a parent. I know how parents are. If you think your parents would tell you not to read this material, please respect your parents' rules and wishes. There's nothing in this journal good enough to make your parents mad about. Hopefully it'll all still be here when you turn eighteen when your parents stop paying your bills. :p

What People are Saying about brainofck

"I don't like Spagheti-O's, yet you've made them sexy. Amazing, totally amazing." - amise

"I was like, out loud, mind you, "What are you DOING?" " - wyldestarr

"Dude, you posted a link that said Stargate Fic and I clicked, and I had never even seen the show! (And thank you, BTW, for that little OBSESSION! *grin* )" - green_grrl.

"You read this stuff? And write it?! I can't believe people like this! It's so crude!" - [Name Withheld] - flamer, to remain unidentified

Story Index:
Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash - G to NC-17. Primarily SB/VM, but other pairings.

The Sharpe/Aragorn Project - PG-13 to NC-17. My absolutely favorite crossover ever, ever, ever. (Though Viggo/Trevalyan or however you spell it is really hot, too.) There are interesting pieces of this. Not sure where it's going exactly. And those of you reading Arena will see distinct parallels. There's a lovely honey and yogurt thing that's not finished. Definitely hope to turn this into something more readable some day. Just not this day.

Stargate - Yes. There is Stargate slash. I am more than a little irritated about this. Like I need more perversion in my life. I fully intend to blame uisgich til my dying day. Though it must be said, I watched about four seasons in one week on DVD. In the end, I couldn't resist DanielJackson.

Everything else


What I've Been Reading Lately in SGA

What I've Been Reading Lately in SG-1

If you are still looking for good stuff to read, I humbly suggest these stories and authors.

10 Signs You Are Reading A Story By CK

Huh. Don't know how good a job I did on this. But it amused me while I was packing.

1. Jack and Daniel have wanted each other forever, but they aren't quite meant to be.
2. Beanie's inexperienced, but game, and Viggo's a great teacher. (But that's a third of the stories at rugbytackle, so maybe not such a good indicator.)
3. Sam is cool, and she's 'shipping with you.
4. Orli is smart and you like him despite the fact that you are a die hard rugbytackler and he's messing with your OTP.
5. Total inability to stick to OTP. Everybody gets to play. OT3 and OT4? No problem.
6. There is non-con, and the characters' reactions are utterly inappropriate.
7. Aliens made them do it.
8. Everybody talks too much.
9. There's a happy ending. Usually NC-17. Or is that the definition of a happy ending?
10. It's WIP.

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