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After Throw Away: Gloating, Consultations and Advice

not_a_lamb and green_grrl wanted to know what would happen next in Throw Away.

Please note, I do consider this a WIP that I plan to finish some day. Therefore, spoilers follow.

If you want to ask, go here..

So, in the next chapter, Elijah is going to have Orli over to his place and tell him that he's planning to make a move on Beanie at the club and ask Orli for his advice on the best thing to wear for a successful seduction. Orli will be v. jealous. Elijah will go out and proposition Beanie. Orli will be even more jealous. Beanie will go home with Elijah. Porn will ensue. Then there will be another chapter, which will be the last chapter.


This really is on my agenda to finish. I just can't get anything done these days.
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