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Birthday snippet

Title: February 23, 2007
Author: muck_a_luck, posting in brainofck
Pairing: SB/VM/her/civil servants
Rating: PG-13 only, alas
Summary: Birthday presents
Content/warnings: Het content. Mary Sue.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: Slash is fiction. So while we may all be demented, slash is basically the author's own porno script, populated by the individuals she feels would be ideal to fill the various roles if she ruled the universe if she were ever fortunate enough have the opportunity to bring her vision to the screen. *snortle*
Archive rights: Absolutely none. My journals only. muck_a_luck and brainofck

Once upon a time, in 2005...

"Why is there chocolate cake on my pillow?" he asked blearily. Jet lag was hell, and so was bouncing back from the sedatives that let him fly from LA to London.

Viggo planted a kiss on his ear and a slap on his thigh. Not very effective through the thick duvet. Sean shut his eyes and tried to ignore the edge of the plate two inches from his nose.

Viggo snorted.

"It's that special day of the year, again," he said. His little-boy-at-Christmas tone had Sean poking his head out from under the covers like a turtle emerging from his shell. Yup. Viggo was bouncing around, grinning like a maniac, all pent-up energy and excitement.

"Cake, bagels, sex toys and body paint! A February tradition much better than that other one!"

It was Sean's turn to groan.

"She's in Durham these days, yeah?" But now that his travel-addled brain was reminded, he figured there were worse reasons to get out of bed at 3:00 am to drive four hours. He slipped out from under the covers and eyed the cake with more interest.

"Clothes," Viggo said imperiously. They were already laid out for him. He knew those jeans. Soft and comfortable, but they showed off his package. And his ass. And a simple, long-sleeved black tee to wear with them.

He usually only wore those jeans around the house. They were too much trouble out in public. Viggo saw he was about to object.

"Yes, you will wear them. We're picking her up from work. Must dress to impress."

Sean eyed Viggo's paint spattered white cotton pants and soft blue shirt.

"Yeah. Her girlfriends will go for that, no doubt."

Viggo smirked.

"Hurry up. Time to go."

Sean headed for the shower. Cake, sex toys, crazy Americans and that lass in the North. Not to mention the opportunity to really flummox a few civil servants. All in all, excellent reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

Happy birthday, uisgich. Many, many happy...returns.

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