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Chaka/Daniel - my thoughts on why this pairing works

sdlucky reminded me of Chaka yesterday.

She says she reads the story often and recs it to her friends, who are all squicked and disturbed, but, like herself, strangely bemused by the allure of the pairing.

So I was thinking...

In this story, anyway, Chaka is all about love! Maybe that's why it is not *just* disturbing. He's a sentient being. He wants to protect Daniel. He thinks Daniel is beautiful and sexy and attractive, even though he, himself, doesn't quite understand his own attraction, and even though Danel is alien to him. Chack has arrived at the conclusion that Daniel would make a great mate - for life - despite the fact that he isn't quite the kind of mate that all the other Unas males want!

In many ways, on an interpersonal level, Chaka not that different from Jack.

In sum, Chaka/Daniel works because it is so much like Jack/Daniel. *nods in agreement with self*
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