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Date of last update: August 26, 2008

Anais on Wayback - J/D and other. Various ratings. Anais as captured by Wayback. Includes Dr Jackson's Diary.

Another Fine Universe You've Gotten Us Into by tafkarfanfic. J/D. PG. Quantum mirror.

The Beggars' Ride by Russet McMillan. J/D. NC-17. The one where Daniel is compelled to do whatever he is told.

Child's Play by Hawks Snout. No pairing. G. SG-1 turned back to little kids. Hilarious!

Complicated by Dith. J/D. R. The one with the aliens that try to "change you."

Cool Air by paian. J/D. NC-17. The one with the zombie elves.

Daniel Will Say Anything by starglyph - J/D. NC-17. The one where Jack bottoms for the first time in exchange for a big honkin' space gun. DADT avoidance.

Dr. Jackson's Diary - J/D. NC-17. Dr Jackson's Diary, as captured on Wayback. Scroll down. A great classic of SG-1 fanfic. Not to be missed. Daniel Jackson's brain, neurotic and filled with disgusting junk food and lust for Jack O'Neill.

The Eurydiceverse by synecdochic.

Facing Movements by paian. J/D, DJ/CM. NC-17. The sequel to the one where Jack walks in on Daniel and Cameron.

For Each Ecstatic Instant by Dith. J/D. R? A lifetime of a love that is (almost) never acted on. Very sad. Incredibly memorable. Weird that I hit on two Dith fics in one night, kinda by mistake, putting this list together.

God's Will by WordGeek. J/D. NC-17. The AU where hitman!Jack rescues Daniel from a botched hit.

A Good Thing by The Grrrl – J/D. PG. The one where Jack "hugs" Daniel.

Goodbye to Dreams by Devra and Company. OMG SO INCREDIBLY LONG!!!! I admit that I got bored about 2/3 of the way through (read about 6 hours or more of reading time) and skipped to the end (another forty-five mintues of reading time). NC-17 in parts, but actually PG or even G for most of it. The one where Daniel is brain damaged and becomes like a five-year-old and Jack takes care of him. I should also note that in the 7 or so hours I was reading this, I probably cried for 4. J/D, though not a lot of porn, considering. :D

Habitual by chattycatsmeow - J/D. PG-13? R?. Nun!Jack. Crack!fic at its absolute finest and also your ticket to Hell.

In a House Made of Sycamore by Brighid. JO/DJ. NC-17. A Hathor-based AU where Jack remains First Prime and My Beloved gets a symbiote. In my opinion, possibly the best snaked story ever.

It's Not A Relationship; It's Convenient... Really! by Lady Arkin. J/D. NC-17. The one with the reptile people.

The Long Way Home by theemdash. J/D, Daniel/Shau'ri. PG-13. The one where Shau'ri wants Daniel to re-bury the Gate.

'Lucky' Is a Flexible Term by lokei. J/D. PG-13. The St. Patrick's Days of Jack and Daniel.

Maybe It Was Memphis by princessofg. J/D. NC-17. The AU where Daniel is a professor in Memphis and Jack flies in the Blue Angels.

Mechanisms of Restraint by paian. J/D. NC-17. Non-con.

My First Stargate Story by Halrloprillalar. J/D. PG-13. OMG you will die laughing. Spoof on bad!fic.

Never A Dull Moment by smutday - J/D. NC-17. Warning for tentacles. Tentacle!sex in a closet.

New York Rendevous by whoever runs J/D. NC-17. The one where Jack's high class, highly-paid, prostitute and Daniel's a virgin.

On a Mission by iamrosalita. J/D. NC-17. The one where they define "sex on a mission."

Perfect Distance by princessofg. J/D. NC-17. The one where Daniel comes to DC and finds out that Jack is out.

The Quiet One by Lady Grey and its fantastic sequel Passion. J/D. NC-17. The one where Daniel becomes the host of the Tokra queen.

Silk by Mary Jane - J/D. NC-17. The one where Daniel blindfolds Jack so that "there would be nothing to tell." DADT avoidance.

Sinners Grove by Martha. J/D. NC-17. Warning for extreme violence and rape. The one where Jack gets snaked by the deranged goa'uld and Daniel suffers the consequences.

Tidepool by Brionhet. J/D. R? The one where Daniel runs away and runs a book shop and Jack finds him and they live happily ever after. Oops. Gave away the ending.

Wheel by Brighid. JD/DO/SC. NC-17. Possibly the best stranded story ever.

Willemakee - by Mary Jane. J/D. R? Horrible, cry your eyes out snot your keyboard death fic. The one where Jack dies and leaves everything to Daniel.

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