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Library Two (SGA)

Additions since last update are in red.

Last update January 24, 2008.


Aliens Made Them...Hula Hoop? by epiphanyx7. McShep. Pre-slash. R. Exactly what the title says.

♥♥♥ The Animalia Sequence by Long Leah Silver. McShep. J/D. Pegasus B. PG-13 for penguin sex. The one where Daniel becomes a monkey and Sheppard and McKay become penguins. Gayer than Christmas.

The Complexity of Daily Life by teaphile. SGA OT4 in various iterations and subsets. NC-17. The one where Sheppard won't join the foursome because of his relationship history.

Concatenation by frantic_allonsy. McShep. NC-17. The one where Rodney figures out that Sheppard likes to be touched.

CRACK! in three pieces: Crack, Crack 2.0, and A very cracky ending! - McShep, Zelenka/Lorne. PG-13. NOT SAFE FOR DIALUP!!! A McShep coming out tale, told in macros. If you don't know what a macro is, please visit icanhazstargate. It is an amusing art form using silly pictures combined with bizarrely poor English. For some reason, everyone has always made you a cookie, then eaten it. *shakes head at modern culture*

Daisies by all_my_fandoms. McShep. NC-17. Pure, hot PWP with dildo and funny punchline.

Dear Penthouse by elayna88. McShep. RM/KB. KB/TE implied. TE/JS implied. NC-17. The one where AU Rodney writes a letter to Penthouse. Don't miss the comments. One has a funny commentary by non-AU Sheppard reading over the shoulder of non-AU Rodney as he writes.

Feeding Frenzy by astolat. Sheppard/EVERYONE. Plus everyone/everyone. The one where Hermiod does not turn off the device.

♥♥♥Forget Me Not by maisierita. McShep. R. The one where Rodney and Sheppard are prisoners with no memories. Soooo much to love in this one.

four boots, five thousand two hundred and eighty feet by kormantic. McShep. NC-17. Bodyswap.

♥♥♥ How to Succeed in Sex Slavery Without Really Trying by astolat. McShep. NC-17. The one where Rodney says. "An indefinite period of gluttony and kinky sex totally out of my control wasn't exactly what I had in mind!" Heh.

In Retrospect, This May Have Been a Poor Decision by 9zanite. McShep. PG. The one where Rodney tries to break up with Sheppard by ignoring him.

It's In the Details by rustydavenport. McShep. G for first part. The one where Sheppard realizes Rodney knows everything about him, and vice versa, then gets punched in the face. Currently TBC.

♥♥♥ Kiss me 39 Times by yin_again. McShep. NC-17 (Borderline. Maybe R.). The one where they kiss 39 times at the request of the alien delegation.

Limit of a Function by unamaga. McShep. NC-17. Rodney holds Sheppard down.

Lucid by fiercelydreamed. McShep. NC-17. The one where Sheppard accidentally gets wired into the Atlantis security system.

Male Enhancement by lavvyan. McShep. NC-17. The one where Sheppard is a sexbot.

Man in Black by jya_bd_cp_ttgb. McShep. R. The one where Rodney is on a business trip and Sheppard is an escort who turns out to be something else.

Most Favorite Thing by thegrrrl2002. McShep. NC-17. The one where Rodney wants to get some meatloaf. You know. In the mess.

Mostly Dead by spacedmonkey. McShep. R. The one where the jumper crashes and they have to wait to find out if Sheppard is paralyzed.

♥♥♥ The Ninja Logs {File #001} by of_evangeline G. No pairing. The one where Sheppard is a ninja. You will absolutely laugh your ass off.

Non-Verbal Strategies by devikun. McShep. PG-13. The one where Shep leans on Rodney's workstation.

Not a Threat by artword. McShep pre-slash (if you squint). PG-13. The one where Rodney gets turned into a Wraith.

One Piece at a Time by argosy. McShep. PG/PG-13. The one where Sheppard builds an airplane.

Quarks, Quantum Chromodynamics and Other Unproven Theories by amireal. McShep. NC-17. The one where Rodney comes back from the future to fix history.

Red Silks by eliade. McShep. NC-17. Aliens-made-them-do-it.

Satisfaction by hth_the_first and linabean. McKay/Dex. NC-17. The one where Ronon can't get it up (but doesn't seem concerned).

Says One to the Other by unamaga. McShep. PG. An angel and a devil.

Second Line by unamaga. McShep. PG-13. The one where Sheppard lives with the free spirits in college and loses his first love to casual promiscuity.

♥♥♥ Something More by seperis. McShep. NC-17. The one where Sheppard resigns without warning and disappears til Rodney tracks him down in Mexico.

Spiral by unamaga. McShep. NC-17. Things sometimes escalate.

Substitute by bironic. Sheppard/Rod. NC-17. The one with the golf club...

♥♥♥ Tabled and it's sequel, T2T by runpunkrun. McShep. R? The sex is there, and prolly NC-17, but so vaguely alluded to that I think it gets reduced. Anyway. Bent-over-the-table-sex from the point of view of... THE TABLE. And a prudish annoyed table, too. Then the table has further adventures in T2T. V. funny.

Tale as Old As Time by immoralilly. McShep. PG. Fairy tale of Rodney the Beast and John the Hero.

Teach Ten Thousand Stars How Not To Dance. McShep. NC-17. OMG! HOT PWP!!!! Jumper porn.

Three Pieces of Red Silk by hestia_lacey. McShep. R-ish. The one where Sheppard dances in kohl and a red silk skirt at the bonfire.

Time to Check the Male by ladycat777. McShep. NC-17. Wherein Rodney realizes the male-ness of Sheppard.

Walk Into The Sea by seleneheart. McShep. Sheppard/Dex. NC-17. The one where they make it rain.

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