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The bad old days

OK, on the one hand, I understand respecting that readers have triggers and people often get distressed over cliffhangers.

And yet, I feel like the fanfic world has gone overboard trying to protect people from scary things they might read. Am I just super-fortunate that I can read things that are scary and sometimes disturbing without being shaken to my core and scarred for the rest of the day? I mean, seriously, how did we read regular novels back in the days when that was how we read stuff? Novels full of violence, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and major character death?!?! I can't believe the trains and busses of the world weren't filled with sobbing commuters in need of PTSD counseling!!!! I'm sorry. I love this author, she's great and awesome, and probably wouldn't be as great and awesome if weren't for her world view, but the constant reassurance that "everybody's going to be OK" is starting to get on my nerves.

*eyes the internet*

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