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Into darkness and also please send a driver

CK: Meanwhile, this morning I was writing from the POV of my original character - I am avoiding Sherlock's POV for the moment, so I need someone else who can be around Sherlock when John is not.
CK: The POV character is the psychic. This morning I was writing about the procedure, and the psychic woman was freaking out, and so was Sherlock, and at the very end he was trying to help her calm down, and I totally accidentally wrote this: "They would be better. Better than Singh. She reached out to the fading consciousness of Sherlock Holmes then drifted into darkness."
[personal profile] zats_clear: oh wow
CK: I facepalmed so hard when I realized it I nearly broke my glasses.
[personal profile] zats_clear: ahahhahahahaha
[personal profile] zats_clear: roflmao!
[personal profile] zats_clear: subconscious
CK: Well, she didn't follow him into shower, so...
CK: :D
CK: Which, now that I think about it, was actually possible with what I wrote this morning. THAT is makign me laugh out loud right now.
CK: Because when they come to take Sherlock away, he's trying to make John laugh, so he refuses to put on any clothes and swans off in a sheet. And the doctor is really mad at him because he shows up all...
CK: post-coital...
[personal profile] zats_clear: *cries*
CK: as it were, having not showered, and the doctor's all like TAKE A SHOWER DAMMIT!
[personal profile] zats_clear: your subconscious is a dangerous place
CK: I guess so.
CK: Also, yesterday, I was thinking about fic on the way home and forgot how to park my car.
CK: Luckily, no bad result except Husband swore because SUDDEN STOP.
CK: Oops.

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